Finally, an Internet service provider you might actually love.

Blazing-fast gigabit fiber Internet with built-in managed Wi-Fi. No contracts, fees, or data limits.

Haywire is currently available at these properties:

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Keep it simple.

  • Apartments and offices are pre-wired—turn on your service instantly with a text or phone call.
  • Our equipment is pre-installed in every unit of the building. No installation appointment needed!
  • No data limits, contracts, gimmicky bundles, or cancellation fees. We hate that stuff, too.

Tube friendly.

  • Stream all your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, & Amazon Prime.
  • Stop paying for channels you don’t want and start/stop streaming services at any time.
  • Need assistance figuring out the world of streaming services? We can help.


Go crazy fast.

  • Speeds up to 1 Gigabit (940 Mbps) up/down
  • Stream multiple devices in Ultra HD 4k simultaneously.
  • Very low latency and ridiculous speed for online gamers.

Give a boost to your home office.

Video conference with ease

Relax, you'll have plenty of speed for bandwidth intensive apps in your home office.

Connect over 25 devices to your Wi-Fi. Loads of bandwidth for gaming, streaming and videoconferencing - all at once. You won't even notice the kids gaming in the living room during your next Zoom meeting.

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It’s time to take charge of your Internet—because we think you deserve better.

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