Supplemental services and fees are detailed in the table below.  These fees are in addition to your monthly internet service plan charges.  Haywire reserves the right to modify and impose additional fees at any time.

Supplemental Services and Fees

Router Fee

A router is required to provide you service, why would we charge you for that?

Price – $0

Activation Fee

We want you to be a Haywire customer; we are not going to charge you to join us.

Price – $0

Installation Fee

Installation fees – When an ISP needs to get your money before you discover how bad they are.  We don’t do that.

Price – $0

Recovery Fees

A hidden charge to make the monthly price not look so bad.

Price – $0

Monthly Services and Fees
Additional Access Point

An additional Wi-Fi access point installed in your residence.

Price – $9.00/month

Static IP Address

IP v4 static public IP address.

Price – $5.00/month

Additional Services and Fees
Assisted Payment Fee

Payment made with the assistance of a Haywire support representative (example: credit card given over the phone).

Price – $5.00

Onsite Service Dispatch

An onsite technician is dispatched for a customer support issue.  The fee is waived if Haywire determines the issue is with Haywire equipment.

Price – $75.00

Late Payment Fee

Fee assessed if bill payment is not made in full by original bill due date.

Price – $5.00

Hardware Replacement Fee

Replacement of lost or damaged equipment  (Example: Fiber ONT and Wi-Fi Access Point).

Price – $125.00 – $275.00