A better way
to do Internet.

Traditional ISPs just can’t hang with Haywire.

We offer gigabit fiber with managed Wi-Fi that’s already built-in to your apartment. You can sign-up in minutes online, and we’ll turn you on just like that—no appointments, no technicians, and no hassle.

Sounds great. Tell me more.

What makes fiber better than cable/DSL?

  • Fiber transfers data at the speed of light, unlike outdated copper lines used by the phone and cable companies.
  • It’s much more reliable than copper and future proofs a building for new technologies.
  • It’s capable of delivering huge amounts of bandwidth (think 10+ Gbps).

How does fiber get to my apartment?

  • Our technicians have already wired your apartment building with fiber optic cables.
  • Each apartment is equipped with a router device that includes Wi-Fi and an ethernet switch.


Why go Haywire?

  • We can turn your service on instantly via text or phone call—your apartment is already prewired.
  • It’s the perfect service for delivering bandwidth intensive modern digital TV, video and gaming services to your devices.
  • No contracts, fees, data limits, or equipment to rent or install.

Save dough.

  • Haywire plans start at $49 a month with no fees.
  • No contracts, gimmicky bundles, or equipment to buy or rent.
  • No automated price increases – you won’t need to “fake cancel” with us.

Feel the speed.

  • Choose between 300 Mbps or 1 Gigabit (940 Mbps) up/down.
  • No buffering and incredibly low lag for online gaming.
  • Watch video in Ultra HD 4K on multiple devices at the same time.

What do our customers think?

"Haywire was just put in our apartment, we switched over and immediately were so happy we did so. Our previous internet provider was charging us more and we were getting barely any internet speed. SO happy with Haywire."
Christy R.
"I couldn’t believe how fast the service setup was. Fill out a short form, receive a text, and boom it’s done. No scheduling service for a tech to come to your house. Granted I haven’t actually moved in and tried the internet yet, but man the setup was easy."
Kevin S.
"Best internet experience ever. Super easy to sign-up; you can just text them (who wants to call these days?). Flat-rate without hidden fees/contracts. Professional and friendly team. Fast and reliable internet. I highly recommend."
Tracy A.

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