Property Owners

Built for
high speed.

Haywire provides fiber
optic internet for
multifamily properties throughout the Midwest.

Multifamily is Haywire’s Specialty

Haywire installs wall-mounted access points in every
apartment of your building, to ensure that each unit has
excellent Wi-Fi coverage.

We auto-provision
apartments within minutes of
customer sign-up (via text or

Haywire eliminates installations, reducing
time-until-service to minutes, not days.

Increasing the number of serviceable &
billable days per year is beneficial to
Haywire, owners and tenants.

We’re Crazy Fast

  • Speeds up to 2.5 Gigabit up/2.5 Gigabit down (symmetrical internet)
  • Stream unlimited devices in Ultra HD 4k simultaneously.
  • Very low latency and ridiculous speeds create an excellent service for gamers, students, and WFH tenants.

Ultimate Coverage
for Every Unit

All Haywire fiber equipment fits in a SOHO box.
We mount access points throughout the
apartments connecting to Cat6 low voltage
jacks. Our team tests for complete coverage
of every apartment layout.

These AP/switches provide Wi-Fi 6 with 4
ethernet ports on each device. This creates a
managed Wi-Fi 6 network for customers and
allows them to plug in devices anywhere a Cat6
wall jack is installed.

Perfect 5-Star Google Rating

“Our tenants and staff love Haywire! It’s fast, reliable, and available the second our tenants move in. We think it’s become a competitive advantage for us. Our leasing agents love having such a fun and unique amenity to share with future tenants!”
Lindsey Schrage, Van Rooy Properties

Haywire is the best internet service provide I have ever had. They provide great internet service and their customer service is excellent. I would recommend this company and its service to every person I know. Thank you so very much for a fantastic experience!
★★★★★ – Aida B.

Been with Haywire for a whole year and have nothing but good things to say. They’ve been extremely reliable all this time without any internet drops. Speed has been great for what I pay. Never have any issues with gaming, streaming services, or online browsing. 5/5 would recommend.
★★★★★ – Roger M.

This company rocks. They take care of their customers, are super easy to deal with, and have been offering me solid internet service since moving in. And their service is reasonably priced. I would rather do business with local companies like this any day than have to deal with 1-hour hold times talking to some megalith, subsidized bureaucracy like Comcast or Spectrum.
★★★★★ – Greg S.

This is an impressive local company, that does not ask you to sacrifice quality for a personal experience. In the event of an issue with service, they’re very responsive and immediately work to resolve the issue. The level of customer service they provide is outstanding. Each time over the last year and a half that I have had any concerns, they have diligently resolved them practically immediately …
★★★★★ – Jennifer O.

Our Journey to
Enhance Your Property

We’ll start with a consultation.
Haywire will review your property’s plans to develop a fiber and Wi-Fi design.

Then we’ll review the scope of work together & provide a
bulk or retail service agreement.

After the agreement is signed, we’ll schedule our team to work within your timeline.

Next, we install fiber from our data centers and equip your

We install fiber and Wi-Fi access points in units, common areas, and leasing office.

Lastly, residents can turn their service on in just minutes.
Yep, it’s that easy.

Let’s start a
conversation with one
of your properties.

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