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Cord cutting means ditching cable TV in favor of receiving TV video services over the Internet.

There’s a reason 4,915,000 households in the U.S. cut the cord last year.¹

What are my streaming service options?

There are dozens of streaming services available, and Haywire’s fiber service works with them all. Live TV is available with YouTube TV, Sling and Hulu Live. Most of these services come with over 60 channels of live TV and a built-in DVR.

How do I connect streaming services with my TV?

Streaming services can be used on your computer, mobile device, or TV. Newer TVs have many of these services built-in, or you can add streaming to any TV equipped with HDMI with one of these options:

How To Break Up With Your

cable company.

They say breaking up is hard—but it doesn’t have to be. Here are the first steps to take if you want your cable company to hit the bricks.

  • Have your account number ready and give them a call. (Be prepared for a robot to answer).

  • Tell said robot you want to cancel your service.

  • Get transferred to a retention specialist who will attempt to keep your business. Don’t give in!

What do I say to the cable company retention specialist?

The cable companies will do everything they can to keep taking your money. Make it clear you want to cancel service, and you’ll be transferred to a retention specialist who’ll offer you special deals, reduced rates, and bundled services. Often, they’ll also try to confuse you with technical jargon and contract demands.

You’re not under any obligation to have a conversation or answer questions unless they relate to canceling your service. We recommend refusing to answer questions about anything other than canceling service.

Be firm and consistent in telling them you’re canceling no matter what, and they’ll give up. And when they do…you’ll have that beautiful sense of satisfaction that only comes from dumping your cable or phone company.

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