Janus Lofts Service Plans

All Janus Lofts Plans

All offers are subject to change at any time. All service offerings are subject to the Haywire Terms and Conditions.

Service Plan Changes – Internet service plans may be changed at any time while your lease agreement is active with Janus Lofts. To change to a different service plan, simply sign-up for a different plan at https://gohaywire.com/sign-up/?location=janus. Your current plan will be cancelled when your new plan is activated.

Pricing an Billing – All plan pricing and billing is through the leasing office.

Janus Lofts Plan Offerings

Plan Availability – Not all plans are available at all locations. To see available plans at a given property, please visit https://gohaywire.com/sign-up.

Service Plan Download Speed†† Upload Speed††
Haywire Broadband – 500 500Mbps 500Mbps

††Speeds – Plan speeds are measured between the access point and the perimeter of the Haywire network. Wireless speeds will vary. Please see https://gohaywire.com/speed-tests/ for information on running accurate speed tests.