Welcome to Haywire Internet

You’re so awesome!

It’s true—and now we can say another great thing about you: You’re about to get the best Internet service in town. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to proving that we’re the Internet service provider you’re actually going to love.

What’s happens next?

  • We’ll text you a confirmation that we have received your sign-up as well as estimated date for your service to start.

  • Haywire is actively installing our equipment in the apartments at your property. If we haven't installed our equipment in your unit, we will be in the coming days.

  • Once all of our equipment is installed across the property, we will activate service. On the service start date, you will receive a text from Haywire with your Wi-Fi credentials and next steps.

We don’t play games. But you should.

So go ahead, see if you can get a “Tetris” (that’s removing 4 lines at once)..

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