You’re so

And smart. And funny. And good looking.

It’s true—and now we can say another great thing about you: You’re about to get the best fiber Internet service in town. We appreciate your business and look forward to proving that we’re the Internet service provider you’re actually going to love.

What’s next?

  • We’ll text you within a few minutes with instructions to pick up your Haywire fiber-optic WiFi router from the leasing office.

  • After connecting your router, text us your 4-digit router ID.

  • After receiving your router ID confirmation, we’ll send you a text with your connection information.

We don’t play games. But you should.

We play a little game around the office called “who can turn up a new customer’s Internet the fastest”. So go ahead, see if you can get a “Tetris” (that’s removing 4 lines at once) before we send over your connection deets.

Cut The Cord

Get the scissors—it’s cord cuttin’ time.

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