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All offers are subject to change at any time. All service offerings are subject to the Haywire Terms and Conditions.

Already a customer? You can identify your plan by logging into the customer portal.

Auto-Pay – Haywire will issue a $5 discount in the form of a credit for each bill paid with the Auto-Pay feature in Haywire’s customer portal. The credit will be applied to the following internet service bill after each successful monthly payment using Auto-Pay. Auto-Pay can be setup with a credit/debit card or ACH bank account.

To setup Auto-Pay with a credit card, log into the customer portal and navigate to Settings -> Payments. The Add credit card section will allow you to save a credit card and will automatically enroll that saved card into the Auto-Pay feature.

To setup Auto-Pay with a ACH bank account, log into the customer portal and navigate to Settings -> Payments. The Add bank account section will allow you to add a bank account (requires micro-deposit verification). Once the bank account has been verified, a payment subscription may be created (located in the Settings -> Payments section in the customer portal).

Haywire Fiber Plan Offerings

Service Plan Plan Price
Month 1-6
Plan Price Month 7+ Auto-Pay Discount Download Speed†† Upload Speed††
Indy 250 Fiber $39/Month $39/Month $5/month 250Mbps 250Mbps
Indy 300 Fiber $44/Month $59/Month $5/month 300Mbps 300Mbps
Indy Gigabit Fiber $64/month $79/month $5/month 940Mbps 940Mbps

Plan Availability – Not all plans are available at all locations. To see available plans at a given property, please visit our sign-up page.

††Speeds – Plan speeds are measured between the Haywire Optical Network Terminal/Router at the service location and the perimeter of the Haywire network. Wireless speeds will vary. Please see our page on speed tests for information on running accurate speed tests.

Supplemental Services and Fees – For a description and pricing of supplemental services and fees, please visit Supplemental Services and Fees.