Residential Terms and Conditions

By completing the sign-up process, subscribing to a service package, or connecting to the Haywire network, you agree to adhere to all terms and conditions described on this page.

The terms and conditions described here-in may be updated by Haywire at any time and without notification.

  1. Acceptable Use. Acceptable use of the Haywire service includes personal and business Internet usage that follows all applicable laws and does not interfere with Haywire’s ability to provide service to its customers. Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Any illegal activity, be it at a local, state, or federal level
    • Distribution of malware, viruses, or other harmful code
    • Violation of any third party’s copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights
    • Destruction or misuse of Haywire equipment
    • Reselling of your Internet service. Sharing or pooling of your Internet service amongst other tenants and neighbors
    • Excessive downloading or uploading. Haywire will solely determine what constitutes excessive usage and that amount may vary by location and time.
    • Hosting servers or services for a business.  Unless you have purchased a Haywire Business Service Plan, you may not host public or private servers or services that are for business use.
  2. Service Suspension and Termination. In the event that Haywire has reason believe that you are in violation of our Acceptable Use conditions, Haywire may temporarily suspend or terminate service without any prior notification. Additionally, late or non-payment will result in a suspension of services until all outstanding balances are paid. Upon suspension or termination of service, Haywire will notify the primary account owner of the suspension or termination along with any remediation actions that may be required.
  3. High Speed Internet. Haywire strives to provide the highest speeds possible to its customers. Actual customer speeds will vary by connection type, customer device capabilities, overall network usage, and capabilities of the connected endpoint. Advertised speeds are “up to” levels and are indicative of the highest speed a customer device may achieve. Real world speeds may vary and are subject to fluctuation. Haywire builds in redundancy within its network infrastructure and strives to quickly resolve outages. However, it is not possible to guarantee availability of Internet access at all times. Outages will occur from time to time. You will not hold Haywire responsible for lost wages, earnings, or productivity or damage incurred due to lack of availability or speed of the network.
  4. Equipment. Unless purchased from Haywire, all equipment installed or provided by Haywire remains the property of Haywire. Upon service termination, all Haywire equipment must be returned to Haywire, or left in the apartment unit if you are renting an apartment. Any equipment returned to Haywire must be received by 10 business days after your last day of service. You are responsible for all costs associated with any equipment return. Any equipment that is not returned in 10 business days, or missing from an apartment unit will result in additional fees being assessed equivalent to the replacement and and installation cost.
  5. Installation. Haywire will attempt to install any required equipment prior to any apartment or house being occupied. However, if that cannot be achieved, we will work with the primary account owner to schedule an installation. You may supervise any installation in person if desired. Installations can only be scheduled during standard business hours.
  6. Terms, Billing, and Payments. All contracts are month-to-month, unless billing is done through an apartment leasing agency.  In cases of billing through a leasing agency, cancellation terms and billing are solely dependent upon your agreement with the leasing agency. For customers directly billed by Haywire; Haywire utilizes monthly forward billing.  Your bill will be generated on the first day of your monthly billing cycle. Failure to pay in full by the due date may result in service suspension and will incur a late payment fee (please see the Supplemental Services and Fees for additional information). Payments are not considered submitted until they are cleared by all required financial institutions. For these reasons, we highly recommend automatic payments on credit cards.
    Contact Haywire support immediately regarding any billing questions or concerns.  Withholding payment or initiating a payment dispute with your financial institution may result in service suspension and additional fees, such as a late payment fee.
    Accounts with invoices 30 days overdue will be considered abandoned and service will be subject to termination. Terminated service may be restored by engaging Haywire support to reactive the account and paying all overdue amounts.  Additionally, the account will be moved to a pre-paid monthly plan with at current service plan pricing.
  7. Service Cancellation and Refund Policy. It is your responsibility to cancel service with Haywire when you no longer need the service. Failure to do so will result in continued billing. Service cancellations cannot be requested for dates occurring in the past. As Haywire utilizes forward billing, canceling service may result in unused days of service if cancelled for the current service month.
  8. Text and Email Contacting. You agree that Haywire may contact you via text (SMS) or email regarding billing and service related matters. To stop receiving texts notification from Haywire, reply “STOP” to (317) 747-2695 or any text that you receive from Haywire.